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FODMAP-friendly vegetarian recipes

There’s not much worse than getting stuck in a rut with dinners. What is worse, though, is feeling constrained by your dietary requirements and eating the same thing constantly as a result. To aid my fellow FODMAP friendly vegetarians out there, I have collated this list of my favourite FODMAP-friendly vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese

This is one of my favourite recipes – the one that started my obsession with frozen tofu. It’s filling, protein packed and undetectably vegetarian. This recipe is nut free, egg free, dairy free and vegan.

Four plates of FODMAP friendly vegan spaghetti bolognese. The plates are arranged casually on a mottled deep blue metal backdrop, and a dark blue linen cloth rests in the top right corner of the image

Crispy miso tofu with broccolini and furikake rice

Once you’ve tasted furikake, you can never go back. This vegan version entails a mix of nori, sesame, sugar and salt, and it is the perfect accompaniment to this easy dish. This recipe is nut free, dairy free, egg free and vegan.

Furikake rice with miso glazed tofu and broccolini from

Sweet and sticky ginger buckwheat noodles

Beyond the noodles and sauce, this dish can be whatever you want it to be. I’ve added tofu, radishes and carrots, but you can add whatever you fancy or have on hand. This recipe is nut free, dairy free, egg free and vegan.

A close up shot of sweet and sticky buckwheat noodles with crispy tofu and vegetables. Throughout the glossy noodles sit small radishes, carrots and cubes of tofu, along with some wilted greens.
Sweet and sticky buckwheat noodles with crispy tofu and vegetables (gluten free, vegan, FODMAP friendly)

FODMAP friendly moussaka

Arguably one of the best meal prep dinners, an afternoon of cooking makes for a week of delicious dinners. This moussaka is vegetarian, nut and egg free. It can be made vegan using a plant based cheese and milk in the bechamel.

A tray of FODMAP friendly vegetarian moussaka sitting on a light tiled surface in bright sunlight. The top of the moussaka is cheesy, golden and caramelised. Around the edges of the moussaka tray and glasses of water lit with sunlight, a plate and a white linen cloth.

Moroccan spiced pumpkin soup with halloumi dippers

A delicious, hearty and warming soup for those cold evenings. Halloumi dippers might just be my favourite recipe concept to date. This recipe is nut free, egg free and vegan adaptable.

Moroccan spiced pumpkin soup with preserved lemon mint sauce, chilli honey pepitas and halloumi dippers from Gluten free, vegetarian and FODMAP friendly.
Moroccan spiced pumpkin soup with preserved lemon mint sauce, chilli honey pepitas and halloumi dippers from Gluten free, vegetarian and FODMAP friendly.

FODMAP friendly peanut sauce and gado gado

On the flip side: gado gado is the perfect meal for a hot summer evening. With a delicious and simple peanut sauce, this is the perfect low key dinner for the warmer months. This recipe is vegan adaptable.

FODMAP friendly satay sauce + a quick gado gado (gluten free, grain free, vegetarian, FODMAP friendly) from

Vegan tofu larb

A super fresh and delicious weeknight dinner for everyone. This dish is vegan, FODMAP friendly and easily made nut free and/or grain free.

An aerial view of vegan tofu larb lettuce cups sitting atop a white marble table. The larb lettuce cups are casually arranged and topped with fresh sliced chillies, toasted peanuts and fresh herbs

Vegetarian mince nachos with FODMAP friendly queso

The trifecta of dinner recipes: winter dinner, summer dinner, TV dinner. These nachoes have all the components you know and love, made FODMAP friendly and vegetarian. This recipe is nut free and egg free.

Vegetarian nachos with 'mince' queso, guacamole and salsa. Gluten free and FODMAP friendly, from
Vegetarian nachos with ‘mince’ queso, guacamole and salsa. Gluten free and FODMAP friendly, from

Gluten free potato gnocchi

Aka pillowy, comforting little bites of heaven. This gnocchi can be made without starches and is naturally nut free. Bake it in my FODMAP friendly roasted tomato sauce topped with cheese for a wintery delight.

A close up of a small skillet of FODMAP friendly pasta sauce baked with gluten free potato gnocchi. A fork dips into the gnocchi in the bottom right hand side of the image.

FODMAP friendly pasta aglio e olio

If you’re keen to get a FODMAP friendly garlic hit in your life, this dish is for you. It uses garlic infused oil to achieve a delicious yet simple result. A classic pantry staple dish, this is nut free, egg free and easily made vegan. It is endlessly customisable and a great basic to have in your back pocket.

An aerial view of two plates of FODMAP friendly spaghetti aglio e olio. The spaghetti sits atop two white ceramic plates of varying sizes and is rustically presented. A chopping board topped with chopped parsley sits in the top righthand corner, and a fork pokes out from a plate of spaghetti in the bottom lefthand corner.

Crispy tofu and tomato salad with tamarind and makrut lime sauce

This South East Asian inspired salad is honestly one of my favourite recipes. It’s such an unusual combination of ingredients that works so incredibly well together. This recipe is vegan and egg free.

A salt and pepper tofu salad with tomatoes, herbs, toasted peanuts and tamarind makrut dressing in a dark blue bowl against a dark blue backdrop

Gluten free sourdough pizza bases

There are few things more satisfying than making your own pizza bases from scratch. These pizza bases are gluten free and gum free, completely homemade courtesy of the sourdough starter. Some accompaniments? My FODMAP friendly pizza sauce, or my non-sourdough gluten free pizza bases if you don’t have a starter on hand.

A gluten free sourdough margherita pizza against a white marble backdrop with a glass of water in the top right corner

Cacio pepe potato bake

Because in my world, potatoes are absolutely an acceptable main course. The flavours of fresh pepper and parmesan take this simple potato bake into a whole new realm. I like to serve it with a radicchio salad to provide a fresh contrast to the richness of the bake. This recipe is nut and egg free.

Cacio Pepe Potato Bake in a rectangular white baking dish sides on an angle to the right side of the image. A bowl of radicchio sits in the bottom lefthand corner, and a plate of radicchio in the top left.

Vegetarian polpette bake

Apparently we love a bake! Vegetarian, gluten and grain free polpette are baked into an easy sauce for a delicious midweek dinner. This recipe contains eggs, nuts and dairy.

An aerial view of a vegetarian, FODMAP friendly polpette bake. The bake is rustically plated in a white rectangular baking dish in the centre of the image. Some polpette have been removed, leaving the rich tomato sauce filling in it's wake. The bake is topped with melted mozzarella and torn basil leaves, and sits atop a light granite backdrop.

Spanakopita tart

All the flavours of the classic spanakopita in an easy, gum free yoghurt pastry. This tart is equally at home at a picnic as it is in a lunchbox.

An aerial view of a gluten free spanakopita tart with gluten free yoghurt pastry. The tart is topped with golden cheese, verdant green herbs and zucchini coins. A slice has been taken out of the bottom right side, revealing a green ceramic plate underneath. The tart sits on a moody, crinkled dark olive coloured linen backdrop.

Vegetarian mince stuffed capsicums

One of my personal favourite ways to make a complete dinner out of tofu mince. These stuffed capsicums can be flavoured any way you like, and make for excellent leftovers. This recipe is nut free, egg free and dairy free/vegan adaptable.

An aerial view of vegetarian mince stuffed bullhorn capsicums, topped with a walnut and parsley gremolata and doused in chilli oil. The vibrant feast sits atop a white plate, set against a mottled grey backdrop

Vegetarian enchiladas

Making a big enchilada bake is such a good Sunday activity. Not only is Sunday night dinner popping, but you have leftovers to start the week. This bake is protein packed, big on flavour and a crowd favourite. It is nut free, egg free and easily adapted to be vegan.

An aerial view of FODMAP friendly vegetarian enchiladas. The enchiladas have been baked in a white rectangular baking dish, which sits atop a mottled dark blue metal backdrop. The enchiladas are half topped with sour cream and avocado, tomato and coriander salsa. An enchilada has been removed from the dish and it sits on a dark ceramic plate to the right of the bake.

Hamburger helper

Ok, but is there anything better than mac and cheese combined with hearty mince? I think not. This vegetarian dish is full on comfort food without any nuts of eggs.

An aerial view of a vegetarian bolognese mac and cheese bake (also known as hamburger helper). The bake sits atop a wooden backdrop and a big spoonful has been taken from the bottom left side of the rectangular baking dish, leaving the juicy vegetarian mince exposed.

Vegetarian lasagne

I LOVE this vegetarian lasagne recipe. It packs a total punch without any meat, nuts or eggs. With a vegan bechamel, it is easily made vegan too.

Gluten free vegetarian lasagne that is FODMAP friendly. Made with vegetarian bolognese, smoked mozzarella bechamel, roasted vegetables and greens, it is a real treat. Recipe from | georgeats

FODMAP friendly vegetarian curry

A hearty, vegetable packed curry that is full of flavour. It is nut free, egg free and easily made vegan.

An aerial view of a skillet filled with FODMAP friendly vegetarian curry. The vibrant orange curry gravy is swirled with white coconut milk, creating a beautiful marbled effect. Pieces of tofu poke out from the gravy. The skillet is set on a white marble backdrop, and some glasses of water sit in the top of the image.

Vegetarian shakshuka

Not generally known for being FODMAP friendly, my take on the delicacy contains no onion or garlic. It is filling, easy and delicious, and contains no nuts.

An aerial view of a skillet of FODMAP friendly shakshuka with gluten free sourdough bread dipped into the edges. The shakshuka is topped with herbs and runny yolks, and two hands secure the skillet and hold a piece of bread down the bottom of the image. The skillet is set on a mottled rusted backdrop.

Spinach and ricotta pasta bake

A delicious comfort food combination that keeps really well in the fridge as leftovers. This recipe is nut free and vegetarian.

An aerial view of a spinach and ricotta pasta bake sitting atop a wooden table. The bake is cheesy and golden which compliments the warm tones of the wood.

FODMAP friendly vegan sausages

Another one of my proudest achievements to date, these sausages are nut, grain, starch, gum and weird ingredient free. They are packed with protein and absolutely addictive.

Vegan, gluten free sausages from Grain and nut free as well as FODMAP friendly.

FODMAP-friendly pasta alla vodka

An easy, decadent and delicious take on the classic, this pasta is so vibrantly fresh and tomato-y.

FODMAP friendly pasta alla vodka from @georgeats

Classic pumpkin soup

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classic. Pure comfort food, this pumpkin soup is nut free, FODMAP friendly and vegan.

FODMAP friendly pumpkin soup that is incidentally vegan. With options for roasted or regular pumpkin soup, as well as a wealth of toppings and a side of gluten free sourdough bread. Recipe from

Homemade gluten free ravioli with a FODMAP friendly spinach ricotta filling and brown sage butter sauce

I mean? Do I need to say more?

Homemade gluten free ravioli with lactose free ricotta and spinach filling and a brown butter crispy sage topping. FODMAP friendly, nut free, gluten free and vegetarian. Recipe from

Vegetarian sausage involtini

Remember those vegan sausages I talked about? They’re back in the form of this hearty and delicious vegetarian involtini bake. Use vegan cheese and you’ve got yourself a vegan, nut and egg free dinner.

A small skillet filled with vegan sausage involtini against a dark and moody backdrop

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