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Gluten free dessert recipes

Gluten free dessert recipes. I’ve developed a few of them in my time, and posted a lot of them on Instagram. Today, I decided to round up all my favourite gluten free dessert recipes in one easy spot. They are all FODMAP friendly, mostly gum free, often nut free and there are plenty of vegan options, too.

There are a wealth of gluten free dessert recipes on my site, so I figured they would be easily searched in a list format. There are also 50+ gluten free dessert recipes (and 50+ savoury baking recipes) in my cookbook, Intolerance Friendly Kitchen.

My best ever brownies

Probably one of my proudest creations to date, these brownies are ridiculously fudgy and heinously good. They’re gluten and grain free.

Gluten and grain free fudgy brownies with a crackly top, sea salt flakes and a sunshine created rainbow on top

Vegan, gluten free brownies

Because gluten free vegans deserve brownies too! These vegan brownies are gluten and grain free.

Best-ever vegan, gluten free, grain free and FODMAP friendly brownies, with no fancy ingredients. From

Gluten free strawberry cobbler

Cobbler is my new favourite dessert. It combines the sweet summery deliciousness of cooked fruit with a scone like topping. Add in some vanilla ice cream and it’s a match made in heaven.

Gluten free strawberry cobbler from FODMAP friendly, rich and delicious all year round.

Gluten free pumpkin loaf with chocolate chai buttercream

A delicious gluten free pumpkin loaf with a gently spiced buttercream – the perfect dessert or morning tea in the colder months.

Pumpkin loaf with tall chocolate icing and a sprinkle of icing sugar

Easy gluten free funfetti cake

A gluten free funfetti cake that is FODMAP friendly, nut free, gum free and starch free. It uses only a single flour and can easily be made dairy free, too.

A close up of chocolate buttercream swirls topped with rainbow jimmies and round sprinkles

Vegan snickers cookies

A cookie that can do it all, these vegan snickers cookies are refined sugar free, gluten and grain free, and thoroughly addictive. As the name suggests, using a chunky peanut butter makes them taste very much like the original.

A close up of a plate of peanut butter nut and seed cookies with choc chips and sea salt flakes on top

Vegan tahini cookies

Cousin to the snickers cookies, these vegan tahini cookies are gluten, grain, nut, gum, starch, egg and refined sugar free. Completely vegan and ready in 20 minutes.

A close up of a gluten free tahini cookie studded with melting dark chocolate and topped with sea salt flakes. It is set against a worn wooden backdrop with grain and white paint marks

Chocolate mug cake

My go-to for a five minute dessert, this gluten free mug cake is the ultimate lazy dessert. It’s vegan and there’s a refined sugar free recipe here, too.

Refined-sugar-free chocolate mug cake (gluten free, vegan, FODMAP friendly) from

Flourless, nut free chocolate torte

This recipe was created through a happy accident – I was making the flourless torte from my cookbook and forgot to add in almond meal. The result? This deliciously rich cake that is both flourless and nut free.

Flourless, nut free chocolate cake (gluten free, grain free, FODMAP friendly) from
Flourless, nut free chocolate cake (gluten free, grain free, FODMAP friendly) from

FODMAP friendly tiramisu

Everybody deserves tiramisu. This one is gluten, gum and nut free, FODMAP friendly and lactose free.

A close up, side on view of a slice of gluten free, FODMAP friendly tiramisu. The slice sits atop a marble table which contrasts with a black background

Vegan, gluten free banana bread

An easy and delicious gluten free and vegan banana bread. The overripe bananas on your counter are calling.

Chewy chocolate coated peanut butter bars

I can’t make these very often as I end up eating an entire batch within a day or two. They are refined sugar free, vegan and FODMAP friendly are I absolutely dare you to stop at one.

Chewy peanut butter bars with sea salt and a dark chocolate coating. Vegan, gluten free, FODMAP friendly, low fructose and an easily transportable snack. Recipe from @georgeats

Egg free, gluten free choc chip cookies

Gluten free choc chip cookies that are gum free and egg free.

Gluten free choc-chip cookies (without xanthum gum) from

Vegan choc chip cookies

Gum free, gluten free and vegan, these cookies are a simplified version of my earlier recipe. They’re quick to whip up and don’t need a stand mixer.

A close up, aerial view of gluten-free vegan choc-chip cookies topped with flaky salt. The cookies sit atop a white speckled ceramic plate.

Gluten free pumpkin pie with a refined sugar free filling

A delicious and festive gluten free pumpkin pie that has a deliciously caramel flavoured maple and pumpkin filling.

A gluten free pumpkin pie decorated with pastry leaves against a moody wooden backdrop

Gluten free peanut butter truffles

If you’ve never tried the combination of caramilk and peanut butter – now is the time. The truffles themselves are vegan, though, so you can use whatever sort of chocolate suits you best.

A close up side on image of a peanut butter truffle coated in white chocolate. A bite has been taken, revealing the peanut butter centre, and sea salt flakes adorn the top. The truffle sits atop a white marble table against a white backdrop

Gluten free shortbreads

Gluten free shortbreads that are gum free and nut free. Super rich and crumbly, as a shortbread should be. Bonus? With a few tweaks, they make a great base for cheesecake.

A side on shot of a stack of gluten free shortbread. The shortbread are being dusted with icing sugar from the top right of the image. A single shortbread leans against the stack to the left of the image.

Gluten free dessert recipes: part 2

Because Google needed me to break up this wall of desserts with a heading.

Lactose free cheesecake with a gluten free shortbread base

We love a festive treat! This lactose free (not dairy free) cheesecake sits atop a gluten free, starch free shortbread base for the ultimate festive delight.

A lactose free, gluten free cheesecake with a shortbread base set against a dark backdrop. It sits on a wooden backdrop and is being sprinkled with a dusting of icing sugar

Super fudgy brownie cookies

Easy and delicious gluten free brownie cookies that combine the best of the brownie world and the cookie world. Nut and gum free, too.

Gluten and grain free brownie cookies from the bushfire relief e-book available at | @georgeats

Flourless, nut free brownie cookies

The trifecta! Gluten free, nut free and completely flourless. These cookies are rich and chocolatey but suitable for a whole host of dietary requirements.

Flourless brownie cookies from FODMAP friendly, grain, gluten and nut free.

Vegan, gluten free brownie cookies

I post my brownie cookies at least once a month, so it only seemed fair to make a vegan version. They’re crisp, delicious and everything you’d want them to be.

Vegan, gluten free brownie cookies from FODMAP friendly and nut free.

Gluten free carrot cake with lactose free cream cheese icing

A delicious gluten free carrot cake with a lactose free cream cheese icing. Decorative olive leaf branches optional but recommended.

Gluten free carrot cake (FODMAP friendly) from | @georgeats

Easiest ever gluten free chocolate cake

The easiest gluten free chocolate cake you’ll ever make. It uses a single flour, no starches and no gums, making it suitable for a whole different variety of dietary needs.

Gluten free chocolate cake (the easiest ever!) using one gluten free flour. Lactose friendly, nut free and FODMAP friendly. Recipe from

Lactose free creme caramel

One of my favourite desserts ever, this lactose free creme caramel is indulgent, delicious and impressive.

Lactose free and FODMAP friendly creme caramel from

Cinnamon scroll mug cake

Fancy a cinnamon scroll but can’t be bothered turning the oven on? I’ve got you. This vegan, gluten free microwave cinnamon scroll is ready in 15 minutes.

An aerial image of a vegan, gluten free microwave cinnamon scroll in a white speckled ceramic mug. The scroll is oozing cinnamon sugar and topped with melting vanilla ice cream. It sits atop a light grey stone backdrop

Homemade gluten free Graham crackers

These crackers can be used for smores, in Hedgehog slices or even as a crust for cheesecakes or tarts.

Gluten free Graham crackers from

Vegan, gluten free cinnamon scrolls

Deliciously fluffy and light gluten free cinnamon scrolls that are vegan, gum free and nut free.

An aerial view of gluten-free vegan cinnamon scrolls strewn casually across a white marble table. The scrolls are iced and sit in harsh sunlight, surrounded by two water glasses which cast their shadow and light over the image. A tray of more un-iced scrolls sit to the top right of the image

FODMAP friendly hedgehog slice

Hedgehog slice in Australia, chocolate salami elsewhere (for one!) this classic gets a FODMAP friendly twist from lactose free condensed milk and gluten free Graham crackers.

Vegan gluten free Hedgehog slice from FODMAP friendly and adaptable to be nut free.

Vegan, gluten free hedgehog slice

I didn’t forget those who are vegan, gluten free and FODMAP friendly! A store bought vegan condensed milk makes a quick shortcut for this delicious treat. It can also be made nut free.

Gluten free, low lactose and FODMAP friendly Hedgehog slice from

Vegan blueberry muffins

Delicious gluten free and vegan blueberry muffins that are starch free and gum free as well. A delicious fruity treat for multiple dietary constraints.

A stack of blueberry filled vegan, gluten free muffins against a mottled blue backdrop

Small batch gluten free brownies – the creme de la creme of gluten free dessert recipes

Fancy some brownies but don’t need an entire batch? Small batch brownies to the rescue. The perfect amount of fudgy deliciousness for a smaller crowd.

A close up aerial view of a gluten free small batch skillet brownie. The brownie is topped with melting ice cream swirled with melted chocolate and some chopped pistachios. It sits atop a white kitchen counter and a light flooded glass of water sits to the top right of the image.

Gluten free lime curd tart with Graham cracker crust

A vibrant and delicious dairy free lime curd atop a gluten free Graham cracker crust. The gluten free FODMAP dream.

Gluten free FODMAP friendly lime curd tart with a graham cracker crust. Recipe from

Sourdough banana bread

Got some sourdough starter leftover? Make this gluten free vegan banana bread.

Vegan, gluten free banana bread from Nut free, refined sugar free, FODMAP friendly and easy to make.

Pavlova with lactose free raspberry curd

A delicious festive pav with a no waste raspberry curd that uses the egg yolks leftover from the pav.

Pavlova with raspberry curd and lots of red berries against a dark backdrop

Gluten free lemon drizzle cake

A single flour, starch and gum free lemon drizzle cake that is equal parts beautiful and delicious. The loaf recipe can be used for any sort of basic vanilla cake – topped with fruit or a passionfruit icing would be my picks. One of my favourite gluten free dessert recipes.

A side on view of a lemon drizzle cake topped with dehydrated lemons and lemon drizzle icing, being dusted with icing sugar against a dark background

Starch and gum free linzer cookies

Fussy to make but delicious and festive to eat, these Linzer cookies are a triumph of the Christmas table.

Gluten free linzer cookies against a white ceramic backdrop

Three ingredient mini Basque cheesecakes (lactose free)

Fancy some cheesecake but not an entire cake? Got some cream cheese you need to use up? This quick little number is for you.

A moody aerial view of a Burnt Basque style mini cheesecake, sprinkled with icing sugar and set against a dark metal backdrop

FODMAP friendly fruit crumble (vegan option)

A ridiculously easy gluten free crumble that uses a single flour and can easily be made vegan. Choose the fruit based on what’s available and what works for your dietaries.

An overhead shot of a gluten free rhubarb and strawberry crumble topped with melting homemade vanilla ice cream.

Gluten free zucchini loaf with lemon drizzle icing

Perfect for the summer seasons when zucchinis are eating you alive, this cake is moist yet light. One of the classic Gluten free dessert recipes in America.

A side on view of a gluten free zucchini loaf set against a dark backdrop. The loaf is adorned with drizzled icing and dehydrated lemon. A dusting of icing sugar falls onto the loaf from a hand holding a sieve at the top of the image.

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