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FODMAP friendly Christmas recipes

A FODMAP friendly, vegetarian Christmas is not a particularly easy feat. Given that the prized dishes are basically either meat, garlic, dried fruit or (for the vegetarian lady) a token bean salad, it is quite the opposite of smooth sailing. Fear not! The annual (can I say that on my second year?) round up is here to save the day and save your stomach.

A fruitless, gluten free Christmas pudding topped with cherries and a sparklerI’ve collated my favourites from the year and beyond – half sweet and half savoury. I hope you find something that will make Christmas day a little easier. So, without further ado, let’s begin the countdown. Or count-up, because I’m not tech savvy enough to go backwards.


FODMAP friendly Christmas pudding

The crown jewel of my festive achievements this year. The pudding is completely fruit free, using candied pumpkin to form the base of the mince. The recipe is also gluten and grain free, making it suitable for a whole bunch of different dietary requirements. Get the recipe here.

Fruit free Christmas pudding that is gluten free, grain free and adaptable to be dairy free. Perfect for all your 'free-from' friends and family this Christmas. Recipe from | @georgeats

Fruitless, FODMAP friendly and gluten free mince pies

My second favourite child: the fruit free mince pies! I absolutely love this recipe and how ‘normal’ these mince pies taste – while they are gluten free, FODMAP friendly and contain no fruit whatsoever.

Gluten-free fruit-free mince pies from | @georgeats

Meringue, flourless chocolate cake and peanut butter celebration cake

The Celebration cake from my cookbook. This is probably one of my favourite things in my first cookbook. It’s grain free, gluten free, FODMAP friendly and far simpler than it looks. Get the recipe here!

Gluten free, grain free chocolate, meringue and peanut butter celebration cake from FODMAP Friendly, the cookbook. Simple to make but 11/10 'grammable, by Georgeats at

No waste pavlova with lactose free berry curd

It wouldn’t be an Australian Christmas roundup without a pav! This one uses the yolks leftover from the pav making for a tart yet sweet dairy free berry curd. I could eat the curd with a spoon, quite frankly.

Pavlova with raspberry curd and topped with lots of red berries

Brownies for all

Honestly? These are not a festive dessert per se. HOWEVER, I can guarantee that they will disappear from the table, win the love and affection of your friends and family, and cater to all dietaries to boot. Furthermore? They are decidedly delicious made with Lindt mint chocolate for a festive twist. There’s a grain and gluten free brownie, a gluten and nut free brownie, and a gluten free vegan brownie.

Gluten free, grain free fudgy brownies with a crackly top, sea salt flakes and a sunshine created rainbow on the top

FODMAP friendly, gluten free Hedgehog slice with a vegan option

So, on that chocolate note! My FODMAP friendly Hedgehog slice is a little more involved, given there are a few homemade aspects. These days, though, you can buy vegan condensed milk at the supermarket, which solves the dilemma of making your own lactose free condensed milk. If you can’t find either, fear not: I have a recipe for both lactose free condensed milk and plant based condensed milk.

For a festive touch, I like to make my Hedgehog slice with the shortbreads above and some Lindt dark mint chocolate. You could also add some freeze dried berries for a fruity touch. I have a recipe for regular Hedgehog slice and vegan Hedgehog slice, too. One of my personal favourite FODMAP friendly Christmas recipes.

Vegan gluten free Hedgehog slice from FODMAP friendly and adaptable to be nut free.

Everybody loves tiramisu, and what better time of year to combine coffee, booze and sugar? This recipe uses homemade savoiardi gluten free biscuits that can also be used in trifles and the like. This has been earmarked for my Christmas table and I hope it makes it to yours, too. Find the recipe here.

A close up, side on view of a slice of gluten free, FODMAP friendly tiramisu. The slice sits atop a marble table which contrasts with a black background

Vanilla bean cheesecake with a gluten free shortbread base

One last dessert that ties in nicely to the preceding cookie section – this gluten free, lactose free cheesecake with a shortbread base. The cheesecake uses lactose free (not dairy free) cream cheese and dairy to create a luscious and rich cheesecake. You wouldn’t even know it was lactose free.

A lactose free, gluten free cheesecake with a shortbread base set against a dark backdrop. It sits on a wooden backdrop and is being sprinkled with a dusting of icing sugar


Gluten free, gum free shortbreads

Because no roundup of FODMAP friendly Christmas recipes is complete without some shortbreads. These shortbreads are incredibly light and buttery, easy to make and gluten free. They also go particularly well in the Hedgehog slice above. Just saying.

Gluten free shortbreads on a white speckled plate set against a white marble backdrop. Two of the shortbreads are dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with some light sea salt flakes. Surrounding the plate are water glasses, a white ceramic plate, a baking tray and another plate of shortbreads

Gluten free, gum free Linzer cookies

Ah yes, Linzer cookies. I will warn you – there are finnicky to make. You could use the shortbread dough for a slightly more pliable option, but these are made in the style of traditional Linzer cookies. They contain almond meal, though, so use the shortbreads for a version without added nuts.

Gluten free linzer cookies on a white ceramic speckled plate

Chocolate crinkle cookies (with flourless and vegan options)

I love me some brownie cookies, and as it turns out, they make a very easy chocolate crinkle cookie. You can make the crinkle version with my original brownie cookie recipe, the flourless version or the vegan version. They all work like a charm.

A close up aerial shot of a plate of gluten free chocolate crinkle cookies. The cookies sit in a pile atop a white speckled ceramic plate. They are a deep chocolate colour which contrasts with the icing sugar dusted across their surface.Vegan, gluten free brownie cookies from FODMAP friendly and nut free, they're every bit as delicious as the traditional variety.

Grain free, refined sugar free gingerbread

Finally, a healthier, super simple recipe for gingerbreads I developed many moons ago. Gingerbread themselves can be notoriously tricky to make gluten free, so these ones are a riff on my vegan snickers cookies. Made with almond butter and loads of powdered ginger, they’re a healthier festive fix.

Gluten free gingerbread (that's vegan, grain free and refined sugar free) from


I started with the most important course first, obviously. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into the savoury stuff – main dishes first.

Gluten free pumpkin, sage and goat’s cheese pie

First off, this pumpkin, sage and goats cheese pie. It’s made with an easy butter and yoghurt pastry, and the filling is packed full of flavour thanks to (FODMAP friendly) leek greens and fresh sage. A deeply comforting festive treat.

A side on view of a gluten free pumpkin, sage and goats cheese tart with an ornamental pie lid. The pie is covered with pastry and surrounded by a thick border of pastry leaves that have become golden brown in the oven. The pie is being held by two female hands in a wooly grey jumper. A hand extends with a knife to begin cutting into the tart

Spanakopita style tart with easy gluten free yoghurt pastry

If the above flavour combination doesn’t appeal to you, how about a spanakopita tart? It’s fresh, filling, full of greens and easy to make ahead of time. You can keep it simple by not bothering with a pastry lid, too.

An aerial shot of a gluten free spanakopita style tart. The tart sits atop a marble and wood serving board on an olive linen tablecloth. A slice of pie has been taken from the bottom right side, revealing the marble underneath

FODMAP friendly, gluten free and vegetarian moussaka

When you’re catering to a large vegetarian crowd, it can sometimes be easier to go big. Enter: the FODMAP friendly vegetarian moussaka, complete with vegetarian mince meat and a smokey bechamel. It can easily be made vegan by making a vegan bechamel, too.

A tray of FODMAP friendly vegetarian moussaka sitting on a light tiled surface in bright sunlight. The top of the moussaka is cheesy, golden and caramelised. Around the edges of the moussaka tray and glasses of water lit with sunlight, a plate and a white linen cloth.

Vegan, FODMAP friendly lasagne

For when you’re feeding a large VEGAN crowd, this vegan, gluten free and FODMAP friendly lasagne should be in your future. It’s filling, delicious and feeds a crowd. Add a festive touch by grating some fresh nutmeg into the bechamel and adding some fresh sage to the mince meat. I also have a recipe for a vegetarian, veg and mince filled lasagne if that’s more your thing.

A side on view of a piece of vegan. gluten free and FODMAP friendly lasagne that uses vegan 'mince meat' and a vegan bechamel

FODMAP friendly vegetarian nut loaf

Ah the classic vegetarian Christmas dish – nut loaf. Although it never looks appealing, I’m very fond of the meaty umami hit that is a good nut loaf. An easy one to make ahead, too.

An aerial view of a golden brown FODMAP friendly vegetarian nut loaf. It sits atop a dark brown background


Crispy kipfler potatoes

The all important potatoes get first place in the side section. I have, in fact, previously dedicated an entire roundup purely to potatoes. These crispy bois are one of my most popular recipes and I understand why. Nothing beats an earth shatteringly crispy potato with the perfect amount of salt, and this recipe will help you on your way.

Crispy Kipfler Potatoes from | @georgeats
Crispy roasted Kipfler Potatoes from | @georgeatsLemon and rosemary roasted potatoes

These are one of my newest obsessions, and the cooking method can be used for just about any vegetable. The potatoes make a great Christmas table addition, but the method will serve you year round. Get the recipe here.

Lemon roasted potatoes (Vegan, FODMAP friendly) from | @georgeatsSalt and vinegar crispy potatoes

I mean, is there anything better? We love potatoes, we love salt, we love vinegar. These babies have been a staple at my house ever since I developed the recipe many moons ago. They’re as simple as par boiling potatoes in vinegar, then roasting them until crispy. Top them with flaky salt and that is the definition of a chef’s kiss.

Crispy salt and vinegar roasted potatoes from

Blood orange, burrata and pine nut salad with a Christmas flavoured dressing

This saucy and aesthetically pleasing blood orange, burrata and pine nut salad with Christmas dressing. A festive occasion is not a festive occasion without someone doing a boomerang of a burrata being sliced open, quite frankly.

Blood orange, burrata, pine-nut salad with Christmas dressing from | @georgeats

Summer tomato and lactose free lemony whipped ricotta salad

This festive Summer tomato salad with lemon whipped ricotta is as lovely to look at as it is to eat. Strictly a southern hemisphere Christmas dish courtesy of the need for summer tomatoes, it’s a quick and easy addition to your table.

Lactose-free lemon ricotta with summer tomatoes, balsamic and basil. Gluten and grain free, FODMAP friendly and vegetarian. Recipe from | @georgeats

Radicchio, blue cheese and walnut salad with a honey balsamic dressing

I could honestly eat this salad everyday. It combines all of my favourite flavours into one bold and beautiful Christmas side dish. The bitterness of the radicchio contrasts so nicely with rich Christmas food, as well as the sweetness of the honey in the dressing. You could use a hard cheese like a good quality parmesan (shaved freshly) to save any richness for main dishes, too.

Radicchio salad with blue cheese, honey cinnamon walnuts and a sherry vinaigrette on a white marble backdrop
Dukkah roasted carrots with lactose free labne and Aleppo chilli oil

These roasted carrots are a dramatic and delicious addition to a festive table. Aleppo chilli is a milder, fruity and vibrantly red chilli, which makes it great for a chilli oil that everyone can handle.

Honey and dukkah roasted carrots with homemade lactose free labne, Aleppo chilli oil and lemon quinoa. Gluten free, FODMAP friendly, vegetarian and easily adapted to be vegan. Recipe from | @georgeats
Gluten free tomato, pesto and gruyere tart

This Gluten free tomato, pesto and gruyere tart is the perfect finger food that is conveniently Christmas themed. Speaking from experience,  this will be gone before you know it. Use vodka in place of the water to create an extra flaky pastry that gluten tolerants and intolerants alike will enjoy.

Gluten free tomato tart with gruyere and pesto. Gluten free, vegetarian, FODMAP friendly and easily adapted to be nut free. Recipe from | @georgeats

Brie and Cranberry wreath. I served this at Friendmas in Australia and my friends weren’t aware that cranberries were such a festive ingredient. I think I’ve been spending too much time on the internet. This recipe is a heavenly, festive Christmas that uses homemade, super flaky gluten free pastry. You can use the technique and fill it with whatever you fancy, if you haven’t heard of cranberries either.

Gluten free brie cranberry wreath with easy, flaky gluten free pastry from | @georgeats

Guide to potatoes. Quite frankly, potatoes deserve far more attention and respect than society gives them. Although originally for crispy chips, this guide runs through the types of potatoes, best varieties for types of dishes, and the best way to treat the humble spud. Keep your eyes peeled for a potato roundup, and make these crispy potatoes with FODMAP pesto while you’re at it.

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