FODMAP friendly Christmas recipes

I’ve done a roundup for FODMAP friendly Christmas recipes before. Personally, I think I have developed enough festive recipes to warrant an entirely new post, so here we are friends, here we are.

A FODMAP friendly, vegetarian Christmas is not a particularly easy feat. Given that the prized dishes are basically either meat, garlic, dried fruit or (for the vegetarian lady) a token bean salad, it is quite the opposite of smooth sailing. Fear not! The annual (can I say that on my second year?) round up is here to save the day and save your stomach.

I’ve collated my favourites from the year and beyond – half sweet and half savoury. I hope you find something that will make Christmas day a little easier. So, without further ado, let’s begin the countdown. Or count-up, because I’m not tech savvy enough to go backwards.



  1. FODMAP friendly Christmas pudding. The crown jewel of my festive achievements this year. The pudding is completely fruit free, using candied pumpkin to form the base of the mince. The recipe is also gluten and grain free, making it suitable for a whole bunch of different dietary requirements. Get the recipe here.

Fruit free Christmas pudding that is gluten free, grain free and adaptable to be dairy free. Perfect for all your 'free-from' friends and family this Christmas. Recipe from | @georgeats

2. Lemon and rosemary roasted potatoes. These are one of my newest obsessions, and the cooking method can be used for just about any vegetable. The potatoes make a great Christmas table addition, but the method will serve you year round. Get the recipe here.

Lemon roasted potatoes (Vegan, FODMAP friendly) from | @georgeats

3. The Celebration cake from my cookbook. This is probably one of my favourite things in my first cookbook. It’s grain free, gluten free, FODMAP friendly and far simpler than it looks. Get the recipe here!

Gluten free, grain free chocolate, meringue and peanut butter celebration cake from FODMAP Friendly, the cookbook. Simple to make but 11/10 'grammable, by Georgeats at

4. This saucy and aesthetically pleasing blood orange, burrata and pine nut salad with Christmas dressing. A festive occasion is not a festive occasion without someone doing a boomerang of a burrata being sliced open, quite frankly.

Blood orange, burrata, pine-nut salad with Christmas dressing from | @georgeats

5. Brownies. Honestly? These are not a festive dessert per se. HOWEVER, I can guarantee that they will disappear from the table, win the love and affection of your friends and family, and cater to all dietaries to boot. There’s a grain and gluten free brownie, a gluten and nut free brownie, and a gluten free vegan brownie. I plan to dot them with red and green M&M’s (which are apparently gluten free. Who knew?) and give them to friends as delicious presents.

Gluten free nut free brownies with brown butter and sea salt. FODMAP friendly, low in lactose and easy to make. Recipe from @georgeats


6. This gluten free tomato, pesto and gruyere tart. The perfect finger food that is conveniently Christmas themed, this will be gone before you know it. Use vodka in place of the water to create an extra flaky pastry that gluten tolerants and intolerants alike will enjoy.

Gluten free tomato tart with gruyere and pesto. Gluten free, vegetarian, FODMAP friendly and easily adapted to be nut free. Recipe from | @georgeats

7. Vegan, gluten free and FODMAP friendly gingerbread men. These are refined sugar free, made with almond butter, maple syrup and spices. They’re also a hell of a lot easier than the regular variety and can safely be eaten for breakfast. Find the recipe here.

Gluten free gingerbread that is vegan, grain free and refined sugar free from | @georgeats

8. Vegan, FODMAP friendly stuffing. Because every Christmas table needs stuffing, and it might as well cater to everyone. Get the recipe here.

Vegan, gluten free FODMAP friendly stuffing from Easy, delicious.

9. Tiramisu. Everybody loves tiramisu, and what better time of year to combine coffee, booze and sugar? This recipe uses homemade savoiardi gluten free biscuits that can also be used in trifles and the like. This has been earmarked for my Christmas table and I hope it makes it to yours, too. Find the recipe here.

Gluten free, lactose free Tiramisu from

10. Brie and Cranberry wreath. I served this at Friendmas in Australia and my friends weren’t aware that cranberries were such a festive ingredient. I think I’ve been spending too much time on the internet. This recipe is a heavenly, festive Christmas that uses homemade, super flaky gluten free pastry. You can use the technique and fill it with whatever you fancy, if you haven’t heard of cranberries either.

Gluten free brie cranberry wreath with easy, flaky gluten free pastry from | @georgeats


These final two are more technique focused while still containing recipes. Both festive, both important.

11. Lactose free condensed milk. How to make your own lactose free condensed milk for truffles and what not. It seems that condensed milk is in a lot of festive recipes, so let’s go through how it’s done.

Gluten free caramel slice using homemade FODMAP friendly condensed milk from

12. Guide to potatoes. Quite frankly, potatoes deserve far more attention and respect than society gives them. Although originally for crispy chips, this guide runs through the types of potatoes, best varieties for types of dishes, and the best way to treat the humble spud. Keep your eyes peeled for a potato roundup, and make these crispy potatoes with FODMAP pesto while you’re at it.

Crispy smashed potatoes with vegan rocket and almond pesto from @georgeats13. This is just in the bonus section because I positively despise the photos – the FODMAP friendly vegetarian nut loaf. I’ll be making this for Christmas and I’ll absolutely be updating the photos while I’m at it. Click through to see them in their hideous glory. (Is that clickbait? Did it work?)


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