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Client work

What sort of work do you do?

Short answer: I’m a freelance food photographer, food stylist and recipe developer.

A question I get all the time: how do I make money? What do I do for work?

I am a food stylist, food photographer, recipe developer, blogger, content creator and social media manager. I do all of the above for myself (obviously) but I also do it for clients.

I have collaborated personally with brands such as Tourism New Zealand, PromPeru, Williams Sonoma and Country Road, to create food photography and recipe content for my channels and theirs. I specialise in gluten free and intolerance friendly recipes – my first cookbook focuses entirely on FODMAP Friendly eating as a pescetarian or vegetarian, and my second book focuses on food intolerance friendly gluten free baking.

I have photographed for Sushi Sushi, Five AM Organics, SodaStream, Pana Chocolate, Nudie Juices and Black Swan dips, to create content for their social media and websites.

I have run food photography workshops with Nikon Australia and Luxury Escapes.

I have also managed social media for clients – doing everything from content creation to copy and community engagement. I photographed for and managed for the social media for the Vegie Bar group (Transformer Fitzroy, Girls and Boys Fitzroy, Rice Queen and Vegie Bar) for over two years, as well as Alimentari.

I also work with Picture Pantry to create beautiful stock food imagery for clients to purchase. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

If you need product or food photography, recipe development or social media management services, I’d love to chat. I love working with new brands and developing delicious recipes and imagery for them to share with their consumers.

If you’d like to discuss working together, please email me at