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Are blueberries low FODMAP?

As someone who is no stranger to no the low FODMAP diet, it always fills my heart with fear to check the FODMAP threshold for my favourite berry. So today we’re getting that fear out of the way and asking the question: are blueberries low FODMAP?

Before we begin, a quick note: this is not intended to replace dietary advice from a qualified professional. It is always recommended that you consult with a doctor or dietician ahead of commencing any elimination diet.

An aerial macro image of blueberries grouped together

Are blueberries low FODMAP?

Yes! Blueberries are low FODMAP. They are low FODMAP in 125g serves, and STILL low FODMAP in servings up to 500g, according to Monash. This makes them a fantastic choice for the low FODMAP diet.

More low FODMAP recipes

An aerial close up of a gluten free blueberry cobbler topped with melting ice cream and swirls of juicy blueberries

Low FODMAP recipes that use blueberries

To get on inspired to use blueberries in your low FODMAP cooking, I have listed my favourite low FODMAP recipes. They are all gluten free, and there are egg free options. I always try to omit xanthan gum where possible, as well as provide nut free options.

Gluten free vegan blueberry muffins

These gluten free vegan blueberry muffins are incredibly easy to make. They use a single flour (white rice flour) and vegan yoghurt as the backbone of the muffin. There is no special equipment involved either. If you need a rice flour free option, there is one in my cookbook, Intolerance Friendly Kitchen.

Vegan gluten free blueberry muffins
Nut free, egg free, dairy free, vegan, gluten free and xanthan gum free. Phew.
Check out this recipe
A close up of some vegan, gluten free blueberry muffins in a rustic muffin tray
A stack of blueberry filled vegan, gluten free muffins against a mottled blue backdrop

Gluten free blueberry cobbler

This delicious blueberry cobbler is very much a sibling to my strawberry cobbler recipe. There’s plenty of tips and tricks for controlling the juiciness of your berries, as well as options for using frozen blueberries.

Gluten free blueberry cobbler
Blueberry perfection!
Check out this recipe
An aerial image of a gluten free blueberry cobbler on a dark blue backdrop. The cobbler is topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and one has been covered in deep purple blueberry juices
An aerial image of a gluten free blueberry cobbler on a dark blue backdrop. The cobbler is topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and one has been covered in deep purple blueberry juices

Classic gluten free blueberry muffins

These classic gluten free blueberry muffins are made with creamed butter and sugar for that delicious muffin flavour.

Gluten free blueberry muffins
Rich and stuffed full of blueberries. Truly aspirational.
Check out this recipe
An aerial view of a muffin tray filled with gluten free blueberry muffins and extra blueberries. The tray sits atop a white marble table and is surrounded by water glasses and more blueberries
A moody side on photo of a stack of three gluten free blueberry muffins. The muffins are bursting with blueberries which contrast with the lightness of the crumb and the dark backdrop.

Pavlova with dairy free berry curd

This beautiful dairy free berry curd can use any berry you like. It’s made with coconut oil instead of butter, but I PROMISE you can’t taste it. You can use blueberries, but raspberries or strawberries work as well. I have also posted a dairy free lemon curd version, if that’s what you’d prefer.

Pavlova with lactose free berry curd and berries
A delicious, no waste pavlova that uses the leftover egg yolks for the blueberry curd.
Check out this recipe
Pavlova covered in lactose free raspberry curd and lots of red berries against a black backdrop
A tall pavlova topped with blueberries and a drizzle of lactose free blueberry curd

Gluten free blueberry scones

This delicious gluten free blueberry scones are xanthan gum free and use lactose free yoghurt as well as butter for a perfectly moist crumb. A delicious low FODMAP scone with the perfect amount of low FODMAP fruit.

Gluten free blueberry scones
Gluten free, nut free and xanthan gum free scones with the perfect tender crumb.
Check out this recipe
An side on view of two gluten free blueberry scones stacked on top of each other on a white table against a white background. The bottom scone sits with it's base against the table, revealing the fluffy crumb and oozy blueberries inside. The second scone sits with it's front towards the camera, showing off it's golden top speckled with finishing sugar and blueberries
A aerial close up view of a round of baked blueberry scones in a cake tin with baking paper.

Low FODMAP overnight oats

Although blueberries aren’t a necessary ingredient here, they are a delicious fruity topping. Moreover, they’re a great way to add some natural sweetness to this low FODMAP breakfast.

A close up side on image of a round jar filled with gluten free overnight oats and topped with blueberries and a sprinkle of granola. The jar sits on a white marble table and a sprinkle of granola surrounds the jar.

Gluten free porridge

This gluten free porridge doesn’t require blueberries, but again, it is better with blueberries. Fresh or as a compote, they need a beautiful tart sweetness and fresh contrast to a warm low FODMAP and gluten free porridge.

Gluten free porridge (no oats)
A gluten free and low FODMAP porridge that is made better with our hero of the day, blueberries.
Check out this recipe
An aerial image of a sunlit bowl of gluten free porridge topped with banana coins, maple syrup and toasted hemp seeds. The bowl sits on a white marble table and two water glasses sit to the top left of the image
An aerial close up image of a bowl of gluten free porridge topped with blueberry compote and cream

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