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FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning

It goes without saying that FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning had to be part of my recent gluten free bagel recipe. I have been tinkering with bagels, on and off, for years now, which means I always have a little jar of this on the go. Now that it has a perfect partner, I figured it made sense to share the recipe.

FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning

This bagel seasoning is a little different from the regular variety. Namely, it is made without garlic or onion powder. Garlic and onion are some of the more notorious FODMAPs, so they are not included in this recipe.

But how do you make it taste like bagel seasoning without these ingredients, you ask? The answer is asafoetida powder.

Asafoetida powder has a garlic and onion like taste without the FODMAP content. We will discuss it more below, but it’s a fantastic alternative for those who can’t eat onion and garlic.

The seasoning is gluten free, FODMAP friendly and vegan. It is a great alternative, and perfection on a gluten free bagel.

An aerial image of a gluten free bagel half topped with whipped mascarpone cream, carrot lox, capers, dill, FODMAP friendly 'pickled red onion' and FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning. The bagel sits in the centre of a white speckled ceramic plate

Recipe notes for your FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning

I like to use toasted white sesame seeds here. Because we’ve lost some flavour without the onion and garlic, toasted sesame seeds help to add another flavour dimension.

Asafoetida is what gives this FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning flavour. See more in the section below, but this is a critical ingredient.

An aerial view of a gluten free bagel half topped with whipped mascarpone cream, carrot lox, capers, dill and FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning. The bagel sits atop a grey stone backdrop in harsh sunlight, and the shadow extends to the bottom right hand side of the image

FODMAP notes

Poppyseeds are FODMAP friendly in 24g (2 tablespoon) servings per person.

Sesame seeds are FODMAP friendly in 11g (1 tablespoon) – and given Monash doesn’t currently have an entry for black sesame seeds, so I’m working on the assumption that they are the same.

This everything bagel seasoning is intended to be sprinkled on things in 1/2-1 tablespoon (at an absolute max) serves at a time. I can’t really see a need for adding more than that somewhere, anyway.

Asafoetida is a FODMAP friendly alternative to onion and garlic seasonings. Monash considers it FODMAP friendly in 2g servings, but gives no upper limit.

Asafoetida powder

Asafoetida or hing is the critical ingredient in this FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning. This is what takes the recipe from tasting like a mix of seeds to something akin to everything bagel seasoning, which relies on garlic and onion. You really can’t achieve the same flavour without the asafoetida.

Asafoetida is a pungent powder that is derived from the gum of a variety of giant fennel. It has a super strong smell and a cooked onion and garlic flavour. It generally compounded or cut with a flour – rice, wheat or some other variety. This means that it is important to check the labels if you need it to be 100% gluten free as well as FODMAP friendly.

Some asafoetida powder on the market these days is not cut with any flour, which makes that even stronger. Check the ingredients on the package before use – this recipe assumes your asafoetida has been cut with flour. Use less and to taste if you’re using pure asafoetida. 

Gluten free bagel recipes for your everything bagel seasoning

An aerial view of a baking tray of gluten free bagels topped with FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning

FODMAP friendly everything bagel seasoning

Makes 1/3 cup
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Course Seasoning
Servings 0.3 cup


  • 3 tablespoons white sesame seeds (I like to use toasted ones for extra flavour)
  • 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds
  • 1 tablespoon poppy seeds
  • 1 – 1/2 teaspoons sea salt flakes (or to your tastes)
  • asafoetida powder (to your tastes, see notes)


  • Combine all the seeds in a small bowl and mix to combine. Add the sea salt flakes and asafoetida powder to your tastes
  • Store in an airtight jar. This seasoning keeps well for a number of weeks, but the fresh asafoetida flavour is best.


Asafoetida powder varies in potency. Some brands are cut with flour, others are pure. Whether yours is fresh will also have an impact on how much you need to add, so adjust accordingly. 
Keep in mind that asafoetida is generally added in pinches, so add gradually and to your tastes. 
I added 1/2 teaspoon asafoetida to my everything bagel. My asafoetida powder is old and cut with flour, so yours might be far more potent. 
This everything bagel seasoning uses more white sesame seeds than a regular mix to account for the lack of onion and garlic flakes. This keeps the colour balance similar. 
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
An aerial view of a bagel sliced in half on a white ceramic plate in sunlight. The bagel slices are topped with goats cheese spread, FODMAP friendly 'pickled red onion', FODMAP friendly everything bagel mix and toasted lemon breadcrumbs


  1. 5 stars
    I don’t eat onions or garlic (Jain diet) and I love asafoetida, so thanks.
    Going to make some immediately.


    1. Hi Alison! You really only use a small amount of asafoetida at a time so I daresay the flour content would be negligible.

      Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, but I don’t cook it for this purpose and never intend to.

      There are pure asafoetida powders available but they’re harder to find and more expensive. It might suit your needs better if you are strict about cooking flour.

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