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Bushfire relief recipe e-book

Gluten and grain free brownie cookies from the bushfire relief e-book available at | @georgeats

You may have noticed that last night I launched the bushfire relief recipe e-book. A soft launch, due in no small part to my lack of confidence in my own technological skills. So tonight, as I launch it properly, I wanted to give you a bit of sneak peek.

My childhood was spent near bushland, meaning fire awareness has always been part of my life. I spent the first half of my youth in the bushland of the Blue Mountains. The second half was spent opposite a bush reserve on the Mornington Peninsula.

While Australia is known for the dry climate and fire season, this year has been very different. Over Christmas and New Years, the world watched as residents and tourists were stranded in Mallacoota, fire forcing them to the beach. Melbourne has experienced the worst air quality in the world on a number of days as smoke drifts over the city. People have lost homes, precious belongings and lives. Then consider that the fires in NSW are even more ferocious than their Victorian counterparts.


These losses, while devastating, don’t even take into account the loss of flora and fauna or the carbon released into the air. As of January 13, CNN reports that over 17.9 million acres have been burned. This is an area larger Belgium and Denmark combined.

Koalas, our unofficial national emblem, are now in grave danger of becoming extinct. Their populations have been decimated. It is estimated that half a billion Australian animals have perished in the fires, and with a government in power that refuses to accept the role of climate change in the fires, environmental organisations need all the monetary assistance they can get.

Bushfire relief recipe e-book


The bushfire relief recipe e-book is a collaborative project. It contains recipes from 24 amazing Australian (and Kiwi, which still counts) women in food. The recipes are all vegetarian, many inadvertently vegan. Split roughly between sweet and savoury, the e-book covers all dietary bases – gluten free, nut free, low lactose and plant based. It has been so beautifully designed by Here Today Studios.

Below is a little sneak peek of what you’ll be able to expect from the e-book. Delicious vegetarian recipes from some extraordinarily talented and passionate women. 100% of the money raised from this e-book will be donated to Wildlife Victoria, who are doing a phenomenal job of looking after our native animals. They have received less celebrity endorsement and donations than their NSW counterparts, and we wanted to support their work however possible.

The other half of the money raised will be donated to the CFA, our fire authority here in Victoria. The CFA is staffed in large part by volunteers, people who leave their families and livelihoods to help keep us safe from bushfires. Politics about government funding aside, these are everyday people and families and they need our help.


The biggest of thanks to the amazing contributors to the recipe e-book. Each has supplied a beautiful vegetarian recipe, the generosity of which has truly blown me away. If you’d like to find them online, please do so here:

Emiko Davies

Instagram: @emikodavies



Sam Hillman:

Instagram: @_samhillman



Lucy Feagins

Instagram: @lucy.feagins



Shannon Martinez

Instagram: @shannon_martinez



Hetty McKinnon

Instagram: @hettymckinnon



Kirsten Jenkins:

Instagram: @kirstenljenkins



 Sneh Roy:

 Instagram: @cookrepublic



Plant Mama:

 Instagram: @plantmama_



Grown and Gathered:

Instagram: @grownandgathered



Sofia Levin

Instagram: @sofiaklevin



Kenko Kitchen

 Instagram: @kenkokitchen



Taline Gabriel

 Instagram: @talinegabriel



Claudia Brick

 Instagram: @claudiabrick



Alice in Frames

 Instagram: @aliceinframes





Thalia Ho

Instagram: @thaliaho



Cassandra Morris

Instagram: @figandsalt



Emma Galloway

Instagram: @mydarlinglemonthyme



Ashley Alexander:

Instagram: @gatherandfeast



Helen Goh

Instagram: @helen_goh_bakes


Amy Chaplin

Instagram: @amychaplin



Alisha Henderson

Instagram: @sweetbakes



Silvia Colloca

Instagram: @silviacollocaofficial



Vickie Liu

 Instagram: @vickiee_yo



Sophie Andreassend, our lovely designer

Instagram: @heretodaystudio







  1. I know this older now, but are you still donating to these funds or any other post relief fund? I love your recipes and would love to buy the book!

    1. Hi Ally, yes I am! 100% of the money is divided between the two charities. The recipes are all from different bloggers and recipe developers, just so you know. Thank you for the kind words and for the support 🙂

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