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A gluten free fruitless Christmas pudding from the FODMAP friendly ebook, available at www.georgeats.comI’ve been teasing a Georgeats FODMAP friendly ebook bundle on the ‘gram for a while now. It’s probably time I tell you a little more about it. As you will probably know if you are reading this, I wrote, photographed and tested a cookbook called FODMAP friendly. It was an intense, intense time, friends. And you stuck through it all with me (and bought my book!) which is why we’re all here now.

As a thank you for buying my book and a Merry Christmas (ya filthy animal) I’ve written, photographed and tested a FODMAP friendly ebook bundle. It’s full of recipes for the festive season and beyond, like this fruitless Christmas pudding adorned with low lactose brown butter ice cream. Also included? A recipe for grain free bread, fruitless fruit mince, potato rosti with carrot ‘lox’, Christmas spiced almond butter, and more!


Simple. Post a photo of your copy of FODMAP friendly the cookbook on your Instagram or Facebook. Tag me, and send a screenshot of your upload to Hey presto, the ebook will be in your hot little hands at the end of next week, or as soon as I finish it. I know I keep pushing the release, but I keep adding new things. LIKE FRUITLESS FRUIT MINCE WHICH IS A DAMN REVELATION.

Christmas spiced almond butter from the FODMAP friendly ebook bundle at


Brace yourselves for a few minutes of me showing you everything I enjoy in my own cookbook. I only allow myself to do this sort of thing once every ten years so please let me have this.

I’ve got festive recipes for gluten free gingerbread, baked brie with a baklava crumble and roasted grapes, a celebration cake that is superhuman in size. I’ve got gluten free shortbreads, banana salted caramel macarons, vegan Baileys, and a salted chocolate tart that will fool even the most savvy of gluten free haters.

Salted banana caramel macarons from FODMAP Friendly, the cookbook. Available at



Sage, honey and baklava crumble baked brie from FODMAP Friendly, the cookbook.

As always, thanks for tags, likes, and insane support. It has truly been a wild year, made wonderful by the support received from you all. THANK YOU. Keep your eyes peeled for some big things happening next year, too. Big things, and a lot more halloumi recipes. Which are basically one and the same.

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