Citrus, haloumi, avocado, dill and radicchio salad with maple toasted pepitas

April 25, 2018

Have you ever heard of the term ‘recipe not recipe?’ Good, because you’re about to get a recipe not recipe for salad. I posted this salad on Instagram a few days ago and was overwhelmed by requests to post the recipe online. As such, much to your dismay, I’m sure, there is no lengthy spiel to accompany this post. There is no ‘here’s how I happened upon this salad recipe, because I’ve already laid that out – the ‘gram.

What I will say, though, is that this salad is super easy, in addition to being FODMAP friendly, gluten free, and vegetarian.


1 block of haloumi (these vary from 180-250g in Australia – get whatever – we all know more haloumi is better)
1-2 juicy oranges
1-2 juicy red grapefruits
1/2 a head of raddicchio
1/2-1 ripe avocado, sliced
Handful of dill
Good quality olive oil and sea salt, to garnish
1/4 cup pepitas
1-2 teaspoons maple syrup


  1. Slice and peel your oranges and grapefruits using whatever method you prefer. I am particularly juvenile in that I like to slice and then trim, but, as this is a recipe not recipe, you can do whatever you like!
  2. Tear or slice your radicchio into bite site chunks. You can place it in a bowl to be tossed, or arrange it straight on the plate.
  3. To cook your haloumi, place a nonstick pan over a medium high heat. Allow it to heat for a few minutes before adding a very scant dash of oil – enough to grease the pan, but not enough to ‘fry’ the haloumi. Once the oil is hot, cook the haloumi, watching constantly and turning the heat down if necessary. Haloumi goes from golden brown to charcoal in the scroll of an Instagram post.
  4. Once the haloumi is cooked, transfer it to the salad, and return the pan to the heat. Add the pepitas, and cook for a minute or two, until lightly coloured. Pour over the maple syrup, and swish around to pick up all the delicious fried haloumi bits.
  5. Gently arrange your avo slcies, sprinkle the dill and maple pepitas atop the salad, and finish with a drizzle of great olive oil, plus a good pinch or two of Maldon sea salt. So easy so good.

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  1. That is one gorgeous looking salad. So many components, such variations in flavor and texture yet I see how they all come together!