What sort of work do you do?

A question I get all the time: how do I make money? What do I do for work?

I am a food stylist, food photographer, recipe developer, blogger, content creator and social media manager. I do all of the above for myself (obviously) but I also do it for clients. In the past, I’ve worked with brands such as Five Am Organics, Pana Chocolate, Audi Australia, Tourism New Zealand, PromPeru (Peru’s international tourism body) Tourism Tasmania and Victoria, Country Road, Williams Sonoma, and many others.

That all sounds nice, but how precisely does it work? I create imagery and recipes for brands to use on their own social media, or I, as my alter ego Georgeats, work with brands on Instagram and on my blog that align with my views and that I use regularly in everyday life.

I have also managed social media for clients – everything from content creation to copy and community engagement – I managed the social for the Vegie Bar group for over two years.

I can do one of these things for you, or all I can all of these things for you. Email me at georgiaruby@live.com, and let’s chat food.

Gluten free minced tart with Nutmeg spiced meringue
Watermelon juice