Staying, eating and doing in Cusco, Peru

Welcome to Part 2 of the Peru series: Cusco. I’m calling it the Peru series, because I had too much to say to fit into an individual post. TIA for your understanding. Cusco, with it’s Spanish influenced terracotta buildings, was my favourite of all the Peruvian cities, with Arequipa a close second. Despite the culinary finesse we experienced in Lima, I’ve always loved the Moorish Spanish style buildings and feel. Cusco feels like it is from another time, and another planet – the altitude, sitting at 3000m+, has a fascinating effect on breathing (ie it’s hard/you can’t)

Cusco was the closest city to a number of spots on our itinerary (namely, Macchu Picchu and Vinicunca, or Rainbow Mountain) so it was difficult to experience too much of the culinary offering of the city. That said, we came away with these solid recommendations:


  • Organika – a gorgeous little place in San Blas with vibrant, rainbow food, loads of gluten free and vegan options, and the loveliest wait staff. I tried to go back a second time, if that gives you any indication.
  • Green Point – we didn’t make it, but apparently the (all vegan) food is delightful, and well worth a venture.
  • Pachapapa – authentic Cuscenian cuisine and excellent Pisco Sours. I had the quinoa soup (vego life) but there are lots of authentic options for those without dietary restrictions
  • Chicha – Part of the Gastón Arcurio family, Chicha has delicious maracuya sours, and a host of authentic curry style dishes to suit the vego’s of the group.
  • The Pisco Sours Museum – Ok, not strictly food, but this one is a given. You gotta go.
  • San Pedro Market – if you’re like me, food markets are some of the most exciting and authentic things about travelling. There’s something about seeing the locals making, gathering and selling their local cuisine that can’t be beaten.

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